PM 03-13-01-c

  1. (Worker) When the client agrees to accept related services as part of their plan, refer them to the appropriate source.
    1. Use the RD&C (Form 2151C) or complete an Inter-Agency Referral (Form 2151). Give one copy of the referral to the client, send one copy to the service provider, and file one copy in the client's record.
  2. (Worker) Follow up on the referral with the client and/or provider as necessary to find out whether the client has been accepted for services.

    NOTE: Mental health and domestic or new textsexual violence service providers require the client's signature on the Consent for Disclosure statement on the back of the referral form. 

  3. (Worker) If the referral is not successful, try to arrange for services through a different provider, if possible.
    1. Except for substance abuse and/or mental health referrals, if the client decides not to follow through with the referral, allow the client to revise their plan to include another appropriate activity(ies).
    2. The client must follow through with a substance abuse referral.
    3. For active cases, the client must follow through with a mental health referral, assessment, or treatment plan unless the mental health service provider deems the client is incapable of following through with the referral.
    4. For applications, if the client does not follow through with a mental health referral, assessment, or treatment plan, do not deny the application for this reason. The intake caseworker must make a note in the case file for follow-up to occur at service coordination.