WAG 03-11-02

revised textExcept for SNAP units that qualify for expedited service, all SNAP unit members must meet SSN policy before they can be approved for SNAP benefits.

For expedited service, ask for an SSN for each member. If someone does not have an SSN, ask them to apply for one. If the SNAP unit is entitled to expedited service, include any member who does not have an SSN when figuring eligibility. If the unit is eligible, authorize benefits for:

  • the first month only, if the application was filed before the 15th day of the fiscal month; or
  • the first and 2nd month, if the application was filed after the 15th of the fiscal month.

revised textIf the SSN is not received by the end of the 2nd month, the member is ineligible for the next month. Exclude the member unless there is good cause for not providing the SSN. See PM 03-11-03 for good cause for failing to provide an SSN. If the member does not have good cause, exclude them (see PM 05-03-03).