PM 01-01-04-c

Text addedProcedures for Breach of FTI Confidentiality Information

Within 24 hours of discovery, the breach should be reported to the Bureau of Performance Management at 217-782-1128, or to the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) in Chicago at 312-554-8751. The following information must be provided when reporting the breach of Federal Tax Information (FTI):

  • Date & time of incident,
  • Date & time discovered,
  • How discovered,
  • Description of the incident,
  • Approximate number of FTI records involved,
  • Address where occurred, and
  • IT involved - (laptop, server, mainframe).

Even if all information is not available, it is imperative notification is made immediately. The Bureau of Performance Management will in turn notify the IRS Office of Safeguards with an encrypted electronic message with the information provided and with "Incident Response" on the subject line.