Each SSN entered through AIS, ACM, or via Form 552 (IPACS) is centrally validated by SSA via an electronic exchange. Once the SSN is validated, a V tag is centrally entered in the Client Database (CDB) and on the Form 552 with the SSN. If the SSN is not validated, a tag is entered showing the reason why the SSN was not validated. The tags are K, L, M, and N.

The tags are defined as follows:

K = Sex code does not match
L = Date of birth does not match
M = Date of birth and sex do not match
N = Name does not match, sex code and date of birth not checked

(CO) Attempts to validate each SSN entered on the Form 552 through the monthly validation process. When an SSN does not validate, the case name, case ID number, name of the individual, date of birth, SSN, and the SSN tag is printed on a report of "Non-validation Tags" and is sent to the SSA/PCU. SSA/PCU forwards the list to each Family Community Resource Center for further review.

(FCRC) When a K, L, M, or N tag appears after an SSN in Item 60 of the Form 552 or a nonvalidation tag list is received from the SSA/PCU, verify the information from the case record or the client. If any of the data is incorrect, submit a Form 552 to correct the information on the computer file. Entry of a change in any incorrect item removes the tag and the SSN will be sent to SSA for validation.

(FCRC)  The name, birthdate, sex, and SSN on the Form 552 and on SSA records must be the same in order for the SSN to validate. However, there are some clients who choose not to change their names on their Social Security cards. When this occurs, send a copy of the SSN card to the SSA Program Control Unit with a covering memorandum.

(FCRC) Cannot alter an SSN with a V tag. If there is a problem with a validated SSN, send a Form 1925 to:

Social Security Administration Programs Control Unit
PO Box 19112
Springfield, IL 62794-9112