PM 06-16-05-a

(FCRC) Refer the client to the appropriate CCR&R. Give the client an application form and a copy of their RSP, if necessary. See WAG 25-05-01 for a list of CCR&Rs.

(CCR) Makes child care payments directly to the child care provider.

New Employment or a Change in Providers

  1. (FCRC) Give each applicant/client Affordable Child Care (Form 3211). Form 3211 explains legal child care arrangements and lists Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) Agencies in Illinois. Also give each employed applicant/client the Child Care Application (Form 3455).
    1. Give each applicant the form(s) at application.
    2. Give each active case the forms when the client:
      • reports employment or employment is discovered;
      • changes child care providers; or
      • requests an application for payment of child care.
  2. (Provider & Client) Completes Form 3455 and returns it to the CCR&R in order to certify that legal child care is being provided. No child care payments are made until Form 3455 is received and approved by the CCR&R.
  3. (CCR) Informs both the client and the provider of the decision.

Payment may be verified on the client ledger for benefit postings (PF6 on the IPACS Inquiry Menu). The 4-digit designator code 0714 designates employment-related child care payments. The code appears with the appropriate child care code (760-767).

The procedures for child care on canceled TANF cases are as follows:

  1. (System) Sends You May Be Eligible for Child Care (Form 3198) and Child Care Application (Form 3455) to a revised textTANF unit canceled with TAR 14 or 58 when they do not already receive employment-related child care through direct pay.
    • NOTE: The central cancellation notice for a case canceled for reasons other than earnings or employment includes a toll-free number for the client to call to apply for Child Care. Callers are sent an application. 
  2. (FCRC)  For cases canceled manually with revised textTAR 14 or 58 (TANF cases) that are not receiving employment-related child care payments through CCR&Rs, include the following statement on the notice of cancellation:

    Important: Unless we are already paying for your child care directly, you will get an application for Child Care in the mail.

    For cases canceled manually with other TARs, that are not receiving employment-related child care payments through CCR&Rs, include the following statement on the notice of cancellation:

    To apply for child care benefits, clients who are not already approved for child care through a CCR&R must complete Form 3455. They must submit the form to the appropriate CCR&R Agency serving their area (see WAG 25-05-01). 

  3. (FCRC) Give the client Form 3455 and Form 3211 if they come to the FCRC to apply for child care benefits.
  4. (FCRC) Refer the client to the Bureau of Child Care and Development if they contact the FCRC and claim they completed Form 3455 but have not been contacted by CCR&R within 30 days.
  5. (CCR) Responsibilities include:
    • Contacts the client and the child care provider within 30 days of receipt of Form 3455 and sets up procedures for the payment/reimbursement of child care services.
    • Notifies the client and the child care provider of the period of eligibility and of the copayment the parent or guardian is required to pay.
    • Makes payments directly to the child care provider.
    • Responds to any client inquiries about child care.
  6. (Client) Contacts their local CCR&R to be reimbursed for child care services when they have already paid the provider.
  7. (FCRC) Refer any client who contacts you with a problem about child care (lost or stolen payments, complaint on the level of benefits, etc.) to the appropriate CCR&R office (see WAG 25-05-01). If they are not satisfied with the CCR&R's decision, refer them to BCCD and tell them of their appeal rights (see WAG 06-16-01).

If the client files an appeal about any aspect of child care, process the appeal in the normal fashion (see WAG 06-16-01 and WAG 01-07-00). Contact BCCD when a client files an appeal. They will obtain all information, verifications, etc., needed for the appeal.