WAG 06-11-01-d.

To determine if a person is eligible for waiver services, send the following information in a memorandum to the Bureau of Financial Support Policy (BFSP):

  • Case name and case number;
  • A brief description of the nature of the illness and its expected duration;
  • The number of persons in the family; and
  • The amount of the family's income, assets and the potential spenddown amount.

BFSP determines if a referral should be made to DSCC, and if approved, makes the referral. BFSP notifies the Family Community Resource Center of the approval or denial of the request referred to DSCC. If approved, BFSP notifies the Family Community Resource Center of how to treat the income and assets.

For persons who qualify for the waiver program, countable income and assets are determined in a manner similar to that of a person living in a long term care facility or other medical facility.

An approved request does not guarantee eligibility, it just allows for the special treatment of income and assets. The person must still meet all nonfinancial eligibility factors. Until written approval is received from BFSP for special treatment in determining countable income and assets, determine financial eligibility using regular policy and procedures.

For a MANG applicant, notify them of the disposition of the application.

For active cases, if the spenddown amount changes as a result of the special treatment of countable income, notify the client of the change.

The BFSP notifies the Family Community Resource Center when a person no longer meets the eligibility criteria for the Waiver Program.