PM 06-09-06-a

A written application is not required to add a baby born to a woman receiving Moms and Babies. The only information needed is the baby's name, birth date, and sex.

  1. Add the baby to Moms and Babies as soon as you learn of the birth.
  2. Complete Items 61 through 77 and Item 79, as appropriate.
  3. For a baby born to a woman who is incarcerated or who does not meet immigration requirements, enter code N in Item 78.

    Example 1: Ms. A applies for medical benefits on 07/03/09. She is currently incarcerated in the Dwight Correctional Center. She verifies that she is pregnant and her EDD is 01/10. She requests backdating to 06/01/09. A 94 case is approved for Ms. A effective 06/01/09.

    Ms. A's baby is born 01/03/10. The baby goes to live with Ms. A's sister. Cancel the mother's case. Set up a case for the baby in the name of Ms. A's sister. A new application is not needed. Enter code N in Item 78. 

  4. Issue the baby a Temporary MediPlan Card if asked, or if there is a medical need before the expected date of the centrally issued MediPlan Card.
  5. If a written request has not been received before the child's first birthday, send Request for Assistance for Additional Family Members (Form 243).
  6. Send Form 157 to cancel the case, or delete the child, if a Form 2378B or Form 243 has not been received by the child's first birthday. Write the reason below on the notice.  Enter either 'he' or 'she' depending on the child's gender.

    revised text"Your child qualified for medical benefits because he [or] she was under age 1.  Your child is now age 1 and no longer qualifies for medical benefits because you did not send a request for medical benefits.  If your child is in the hospital, tell your caseworker so your child's medical benefit will continue without a spenddown until he [or] she gets out of the hospital."