PM 06-08-09-e

Example 1: Mr. A received All Kids Premium for his son, Aaron. The case was canceled due to unpaid premiums. Mr. A reapplies for his daughter, Alice, who has moved back home. revised textThe case will be enrolled and Alice will not receive benefits until the premiums are paid even though she wasn't in the original case when the premiums were unpaid.

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Example 2: Mrs. B received All Kids Premium for her daughter, Betty. The case was canceled because Betty moved in with her father. When the case was canceled, there were overdue premiums.

revised textBetty's father, Mr. B, applies for Betty and her sister, Carrie. Betty and Carrie cannot start receiving benefits under All Kids Share, Premium or Rebate until the premiums are paid even though the person applying for benefits was not the caretaker relative (or their spouse in the home) at the time the premiums were unpaid.

Example 3: Same as example 2, except Mr. B has an active Premium case for Carrie and requests to add Betty to the case. The All Kids unit informs Mr. B that Betty cannot be added to the case due to unpaid premiums, and that if the debt is not paid, the Premium case for Carrie will be canceled. An invoice is sent to Mr. B and he does not pay the debt within 30 days. The All Kids unit cancels Carrie's case due to nonpayment of premiums.