PM 06-08-06-f

(FCRC/All Kids Unit)

If a renewal action is not processed, the system centrally cancels the case with TA 28/TAR 09 the night of schedule cut-off for the month following the date in Item 32.

  • Example 1: The A family's 12-month eligibility period is 02/11 through 01/12. If the renewal for the family is not reported by 01/17/12, the case centrally cancels the night of 01/17/12.

revised textIf a worker did not renew the case timely and the case remains eligible for Share, Premium or Rebate, the All Kids Unit processes a TA 12/TAR 06 to start eligibility again.

Note: DHS FCRC staff must process a TA 12/TAR 06 transaction through EPU to start eligibility again.

  • Example 2: The B family's 12-month eligibility period was 04/10 through 03/11; therefore, their renewal was due in 03/11. Form 643KC with all necessary verifications was received at the FCRC on 03/15/11 (before schedule cut-off for 04/11). The worker did not review eligibility until 04/10/11, at which time it was determined that the family remains eligible for Share, Premium or Rebate.
  • Since Form 643KC and the necessary verification were received before schedule cut-off in the 12th month of the eligibility period, reinstate the case effective 04/11 with TA 12/TAR 06.

new textIf the case was centrally canceled and the family cooperates by the end of the effective month of cancellation and is determined to be eligible, reinstate the case.

  • Example 3: The C family's 12-month eligibility period was 02/11 through 01/12. Form 643KC was not received and the case was centrally canceled effective 02/12. On 02/20/12, the renewal form is received in the All Kids Unit along with the required verifications. The case is reinstated effective 02/12 using TA 12/TAR 06.
  • Example 4: The D family's 12-month eligibility period was 01/11 through 12/11. Form 643KC was not received and the case was centrally canceled effective 01/12. The renewal form is returned after 01/31/12. The D family must reapply. Benefits begin for the effective month for which the case is approved.