WAG 06-08-06

All Kids/FamilyCare Share, Premium, and Rebate cases are renewed once a year. A form is centrally mailed to each family in the 10th month of the 12-month eligibility period. Share, Premium and Rebate renewals can only be processed during the processing month for the 12th month of the eligibility period.

At renewal, verify:

  • all nonexempt income,
  • spousal and child support paid, and
  • new textcitizenship and identity (if not yet verified*).

For Rebate cases, a new Rebate Form is required at each renewal.

new text*For U.S. citizens, documentation of citizenship and identity is required (see PM 03-01-01). Complete an SSA citizenship inquiry for each person for whom citizenship and identity has not yet been documented (see PM 22-14-03-e). If citizenship and identity cannot be confirmed via the SSA inquiry, send the client a request (Form 1721 with Form 3859A-Help Sheet for Citizenship & Identity Documentation) to provide documentation within 3 months. If otherwise eligible, process the renewal while documentation is pending and set a control or flag the case for follow up.

Administrative Renewal

An administrative renewal process is in place for some children on Share and Premium Level 1 cases. When renewing eligibility for children subject to administrative renewal, only verify income and support paid if a change is reported. See PM 19-02-02 and 19-02-02-e for policy about administrative renewals.