WAG 06-08-04-e

When a person who receives All Kids/FamilyCare Share or Premium Level 1 gets insurance that covers inpatient hospitalization and physician services, the family can choose to stay on Share or Premium Level 1 or go to Rebate. See PM 06-08-02-c regarding choice of program.

If the family returns a Rebate Form within 30 days, set up a Rebate case unless the family has unpaid premiums. If the Rebate request includes only children, do not review current income, unless the family requests a change. An adult is required to provide proof of income if a change is reported. The original 12-month eligibility period remains the same.

Rebate payments begin effective the current processing month on the day the Rebate case is set up.

revised textFor All Kids Premium Level 2, a change in health insurance status does not affect eligibility until the annual renewal. If a family reports a change of insurance status, such as new insurance, change in insurance, or loss of insurance, complete a Form 1442 Third Party Liability (TPL) Report and enter the TPL code in Item 79 of Form 552. For more information about reporting a TPL, see WAG 23-08-04-c.