WAG 06-08-00

The All Kids/FamilyCare Share and All Kids/FamilyCare Premium programs provide payment of medical expenses. The All Kids/FamilyCare Rebate program reimburses the policyholder for the cost of an eligible person's health insurance, but does not pay for medical expenses.

Eligibility for All Kids/FamilyCare Share, Premium, and Rebate must be determined for all persons who are determined ineligible for Assist due to income, unless the family does not want to be considered for Share, Premium, or Rebate. Refer to PM 15-06-01 for Family Assist, All Kids/FamilyCare Assist and Family Health Spenddown income standards.

A person under age 19 who is determined eligible for All Kids Share, Premium or Rebate is approved for 12 months of eligibility. During the 12-month eligibility period the person under age 19 remains eligible, unless nonfinancial requirements of the program are not met.

new textNOTE: Eligibility for children enrolled in All Kids Premium Levels 3 through 8 cases will end on June 30, 2012, regardless of when the case was last approved (see PM 06-08-02-b, Financial Eligibility Requirements).

SNAP benefits cannot be authorized on an All Kids Share, Premium or Rebate case.