PM 06-05-03.

  1. Screen the application through AIS.
  2. Process the case using case progression.
  3. Use Medical Evaluation (Form 183) to ask the Client Assessment Unit (CAU) for a decision on blindness, medical barrier, or disability, if needed.
  4. Decide if all other nonfinancial factors are met except for:
    • citizenship or immigration status, and
    • providing an SSN.
  5. Compare income (and for AABD Medical, assets) to the correct standard. Approve for spenddown if countable income and/or assets are more than the appropriate income Standards and spenddown is met.
  6. Use code 36 in Item 74 of Form 552.
  7. Approve or deny the case through AIS.

    NOTE: The person must reapply when an emergency medical situation, such as a hospitalization, continues beyond the last day of the current processing month. 

  8. Use TA 10 to approve ineligible noncitizens.
  9. Backdate eligibility for up to 3 months if eligibility existed and there was a medical need.
  10. Send Notice of Decision of Limited Approval on Application for Medical Assistance (Form 458D) for approved applications.