WAG 06-05-01

Revised text The following noncitizen adults age 19 and older are not eligible for emergency medical:

  • Revised textan adult who is here temporarily;
  • an adult who enters the U.S to work, including temporary workers such as migrant workers, and their families;
  • a fiancee of a U.S. citizen;
  • an  adult representing a foreign government or an international organization, including their families and employees;
  • an adult of the foreign media, including their families;
  • an adult who legally entered the U.S., but stays beyond the timeframe allowed by their visa;
  • an undocumented noncitizen (an adult whom the Immigration and Naturalization Service has not documented entry into the U.S.);
  • an adult who has applied for temporary residence under IRCA but hasn't been approved; or
  • an adult legalized under IRCA Section 210, 210A or 245A who is 19 or older, not pregnant, and who was granted temporary residence less than 5 years ago (TANF, FamilyCare Assist, and All Kids Assist only);
  • an adult lawfully admitted for Permanent Residence for less than 5 years, if they entered U.S. on or after August 22, 1996;
  • an adult who is a parolee into the U.S. for less than 1 year, under Section 212(d)(5); or
  • an adult who is lawfully present in the U.S., and who is:
    • an applicant for asylum from any country; or
    • has continuously resided in the U.S. since 1972; or
    • is in deferred action status or under an order of supervision. 

New TextFor noncitizen children under age 19, refer to PM 03-01-02-j.