PM 06-04-03

  1. Obtain approval of the LOA to use the Family Community Resource Center address for a client with no permanent address.
  2. Enter the Family Community Resource Center address in Items 9 and 10 of Form 552 or on correct AIS screen.

Example: Ms. A and her 3 children moved to Illinois from another state and applied for TANF. The family is living in a 1970 station wagon parked on a street near a filling station.

Upon case approval, the MediPlan card is sent to the Family Community Resource Center. SNAP and the IPE check are sent to the Illinois Link account.

A homeless person provided temporary shelter in another person's residence is allowed to be a separate SNAP unit if they qualify under SNAP unit policy. Persons are considered homeless for no more than 90 days when they are temporarily residing in the home of another person.

Example: Ms. G and her minor children are homeless. The family temporarily moves in with Ms. G's brother. Since the Gs are homeless, regard them as buying food and preparing meals apart from the brother. Because of this, the Gs qualify for separate unit status.

Do not grant separate unit status if the persons don't qualify because of relationship (see PM 03-05-00).

See PM 17-05-00 to assign an SNAP approval period.