PM 06-01-09

Approvals - Cash and Medical

Process RRP Cash and RRP Medical approvals in IPACS. AIS cannot process RRP approvals. Process RRP applications through nonfinancial in AIS, and if eligible, approve the case through IPACS.

To authorize RRP Cash, see WAG 25-08-01-a. For RRP Medical, see WAG 25-08-01-b, with the following exceptions:

Item 12 - Enter the correct code for Nation of Origin (see WAG 27-12-00).

Item 17 - Enter the correct code for the Voluntary Sponsoring Agency.

01 U.S. Catholic Conference USCC
02 Immigrant and Refugee Services of America IRSA
03 Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service LIRS
04 Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society HIAS
05 Church World Service CWS
06 World Relief Refugee Service WRRS
08 International Rescue Committee IRC
11 Detached Secondary Migrant. Loss of VOLAG/sponsor contact. (No longer living in vicinity of sponsor.)
12 National Cuban Planning SER
13 Episcopal Refugee Program
15 Ethiopian Community Development Corporation

Item 60 - Enter the RIN before the SSN and/or the last name for any client included in the unit who has previously been assigned an RIN.

Item 80 - Enter code 328 DU and the person's date (MM/YY) of entry into the U.S. For an asylee, show the date asylum was granted. For a trafficking victim, show the date they were first identified by ORR. Show the earliest date for any person in the case.

Example: If the Refugee entered the United States on July 1, 2002, enter 07/02 under PERSONS.

Form 360C is centrally sent when Item 39 code 00 is entered on Form 552 and all of the following conditions are met:

  • all the persons included on the application are included in the approved case; and
  • the unit is eligible for backdated medical for the entire 3-month period before the date of application and none of the 3 backdated months are spenddown months; and
  • if SNAP benefits are included on the RRP/SNAP Payee's case, then everyone on the SNAP application must be included in the approved case.

If the above criteria are not met, complete and send the correct pages and section(s) of the locally issued Form 360 series for Cash cases, or the Notice of Decision on Application for Medical Assistance - MANG, Non Spenddown or Group Care (Form 458), for Medical approvals. To suppress the central notice, enter code 90 for Cash, or code 80 for Medical, in Item 39 of Form 552.

Denials - Cash and Medical

A Form 360C is centrally sent if the RRP Cash or RRP Medical denial is processed through AIS.

If the Cash or Medical denial is processed through IPACS, the Family Community Resource Center must complete and send the "Denied - Cash and/or Medical" section of Form 360I for Cash, or Form 458 for Medical.