PM 06-01-06-d

Begin the reconciliation process (see WAG 03-13-04) upon receipt of one of the following:

  • Verification of Contribution From Voluntary Sponsoring Agency/Sponsor (Form 2422) showing that the nonexempt client has:
    • refused to apply for a job within the last 30 days; or
    • refused an offer of a job within the last 30 days; or
    • quit an appropriate job within the last 30 days; or
    • refused to attend job skill training (if working less than 100 hours a month); or
    • refused to attend English language training (if working less than 100 hours a month).
  • Referral to Refugee Job Placement Agency (Form 2424) showing that the client has refused an offer of appropriate employment.

If reconciliation is unsuccessful, impose the sanction as follows:

  1. Review the case record to determine if this is the person's first, 2nd, or 3rd sanction.

    If this is the first sanction, sanction the person until they register for work and request that their benefits be resumed.

    If this is the 2nd sanction, sanction the person for 3 months or until they register for work and request that their benefits be resumed, whichever is longer.

    If this is the 3rd sanction, sanction the person for the rest of their 8-month RRP eligibility period. 

  2. Send the client Form 157 with the following reasons:
    • Because you did not comply with work registration requirements, you are being sanctioned and will not receive cash benefits (until you register for work) or (3 months or until you register for work, whichever is longer) or (for the rest of your 8-month RRP eligibility period). PM 06-01

    Also include one of the following messages, as appropriate:

    • For first sanction: "Your benefits will be restored immediately if you register for work."
    • For 2nd sanction only: "You will be sanctioned through (enter last day of 3rd month of sanction as mo/dy/yr). You will be ineligible for cash benefits until you register for work or become exempt from work registration. In order for cash benefits to be restored at the end of the sanction period with no further gap, you must file an application between (enter 30 days before end of sanction as mo/dy/yr) and (enter the day after the last day of sanction as mo/dy/yr)." 
  3. Complete and process the current Form 552 as follows:

    Item 3 - Enter TA 31, Change or Correction of Information.
    Item 33 - Enter TAR 50, Sanctioned by the Refugee Assistance Work Program.
    Item 73 - Enter code 3, Sanctioned by the Refugee Assistance Work Program, to identify the sanctioned person.
    Item 78 - Enter code 3, Medical Only, for the sanctioned person.

    Entry of code 3 in Item 78 does not affect SNAP eligibility. These persons continue to receive SNAP while receiving medical only in a Category 00 case. A person coded for medical only does not have to be deleted and added below the asterisk on Form 552. The coding in Item 15, SNAP, remains the same because a medical only person is still part of the benefit unit. 

  4. Once the sanction is imposed,
    • complete Section C on the copy of the Form 2422 in the case record, and
    • copy the form and send it to the client's Voluntary Sponsoring Agency, and
    • file the original copy back in the case record.

Sanction Period Ends

Once the sanction ends and the person requests that cash benefits be restored, take the following actions:

  1. Have the payee complete Request for Assistance for Additional Family Member (Form 243).
  2. If there is a Refugee Job Placement Agency in the area, give the person Form 2424. Tell them to take it to the Refugee Job Placement Agency. If there is no Refugee Job Placement Agency, tell them to register with Job Service.
  3. Once the person registers with the Refugee Job Placement Agency or Job Service, restore cash benefits by completing the current Form 552 as follows:
    Item 3 - Enter TA 31.
    Item 33 - Enter TAR 51, Refugee Assistance Work Program Sanction Removed.
    Item 73 - Change code 3 to code 9 if nonexempt, or to the correct exemption code if the client is exempt; see WAG 27-73-01.
    Item 78 - Change code 3 to a dash.
  4. Authorize cash benefits from the date of the request or, for 2nd sanction, the day after the 3-month sanction period ends, whichever is later.

If the person does not request that cash benefits be restored, do not take action to restore benefits. Continue to authorize medical only for the person until the end of the RRP eligibility period. Do not delete code 3 from Items 73 and 78.