WAG 05-08-02

Group homes have the following responsibilities:

The group home:

  • is responsible for fraud or untruths committed by its employees acting as authorized representatives for residents who receive SNAP benefits;
  • must be aware of the resident's circumstances when applying on their behalf;
  • is liable for any loss or misuse of SNAP benefits held on behalf of a resident;
  • is responsible for overpayments that occur while the group home's employee acts as authorized representative;
  • must provide the Family Community Resource Center with a monthly activity report, signed by its director, on the group home's SNAP clients and authorized representatives;
  • at the end of each month, must return to the Department unused SNAP benefits not used for departing clients;
  • must notify the DHS office within 10 days when there is a change in the resident's circumstances that may affect eligibility, such as a change in residence, change in unearned income by $50 or more, or earned income by more than $100, and assets that exceed $3000.