WAG 04-01-02

A TANF Filing Unit must include all eligible parents and siblings who live with a dependent child for whom TANF benefits are requested or received. The client cannot choose to exclude someone who must be included in the cash case.

new textA parent is listed as a mother, father or co-parent on a child's birth certificate.  

revised textA minor parent must be included in the filing unit with their siblings who receive or apply for TANF as dependent children unless:

  • the minor parent is married or in a civil union; or  
  • cash is requested or received for a minor parent's child and the minor parent's child has both parents in the home, there is a separate filing unit for the 2 parents and their child.

new textDo not add a half-sibling to the filing unit unless the child is living with caretaker relative as defined at  PM 03-05-01.