WAG 04-01-00.

The benefit unit for TANF cases is the Filing Unit plus any other optional persons the client wants to include in the case. The Filing Unit is all persons who must be included in a TANF case.

The TANF case may be an 04 or 06 case, depending on the status of the children's parents. When at least one child has 2 parents receiving cash in the case and both are medically able to work, the case is an 06. For example, when one child's father is absent and another child's father and mother are in the case and both are able to work, it is an 06 case.

When all the children have at least one absent parent, incapacitated parent, or ineligible parent, it is an 04 case.

Change the case number from 04 to 06 or 06 to 04, as needed, when the status of the child(ren)'s parent(s) changes. The case must always include everyone required by filing unit policy.

SNAP policy and TANF policy differ about who must be included in a case. For SNAP policy see PM 04-05-00.