PM 03-09-07-a.

When BENDEX/SDX information shows a P3 client is receiving Social Security benefits due to blindness or disability, the following actions occur:

  • TA 32/TAR 70 is authorized changing the case to category 03.
  • The zero grant reason is changed text revised to 4.
  • If Item 80 contains code 373, the date in code 373 is entered in Item 32, Case Certified.
  • Code 373 is deleted.
  • A Form 552 turnaround shows the TA 32/TAR 70. The Form 552 has the message INELIG. FOR P3 - DETERMINE SSP/MEDICAL ELIG in Item 93, Special Messages.
  • A monthly listing entitled "P3 Cases Centrally Changed to Category 03 Zero Grant Cases" is produced and sent to the Family Community Resource Center.

Review AABD Cash eligibility for each case appearing on the monthly list. The case continues to appear on the list until it is changed to category 03 (AABD Cash) or category 93 (AABD Medical).