PM 03-06-05-f.

When the exception request is denied, the Family Community Resource Center must:

  1. (FCRC) Send the client Exception Decision Notice (Form 4693) notifying them that the exception has been denied.

    On Form 4693, enter the denial reason(s) given by BPD on the cover memorandum with Form 4692. These reasons may include: 

    • You failed to provide information needed to determine your eligibility.

      Usted no dio la información necesitada para determinar su elegibilidad. 

    • Your reason for requesting an exception does not fit any of the exception reasons.

      Su razón para pedir una excepción no cumple con ninguna de las razones para excepción. 

    • We have determined [you are/(Insert Name) is] probably not eligible for SSI Disability.

      Hemos determinado que probablemente [usted/(Insert Name)] no es elegible para Deshabilidad SSI. 

    • [You do/(Insert Name) does] not have an application for SSI Disability pending.

      [Usted/(Insert Name)] no tiene una solicitud pendiente para Deshabilidad SSI. 

    • [Your/(Insert Name)'s] medical condition does not prevent full-time work.

      [Su/(Insert Name)] condición médica no le impide trabajar a tiempo completo. 

    • [You are/(Insert Name) is] not in an intensive program.

      [Usted/(Insert Name)] no está en un programa intensivo. 

    • [Your/(Insert Name)'s] intensive program does not prevent full-time work.

      [Su/(Insert Name)] programa intensivo no le impide trabajar a tiempo completo. 

    • [You are/(Insert Name) is] not in an approved education or training program.

      [Usted/(Insert Name)] no está en un programa de educación o entrenamiento aprobado. 

    • [Your/(Insert Name)'s] approved education or training program will not be completed within 6 months after the end of the 60-month time limit.

      [Su/(Insert Name)] programa de educación o entrenamiento aprobado no será completado dentro de 6 meses después de que termina el l ímite de 60-meses. 

    • [You are/(Insert Name) is] not needed in the home to care for a related child under 18 or spouse due to their medical condition.

      [Usted/(Insert Name)] no es necesitado en el hogar para cuidar a un pariente menor de 18 años de edad esposo(a) debido a su condición médica. 

    • You do not have a disabled child in your home who has been approved for a Home and Community-based Care waiver.

      Usted no tiene un niño deshabilitado en su hogar que haya sido aprobado para una exoneración de Cuidado en el Hogar basado en la Comunidad. 

    • Your request was filed before anyone received 57 months of TANF assistance. You may request an exception beginning _____________. (Enter the date that is submittal cut-off for that client's Group for the expected 57th month.)

      Su pedido fue registrado antes de que alguien haya recibido 57 meses de asistencia TANF. Usted puede pedir una excepción empezando el _____________ 

    • You do not need an exception because your TANF clock is stopped.

      Usted no necesita una excepción porque su reloj TANF está parado.

    1. At Intake, if the ineligible person is the parent of all children in the case, deny the pending cash application using TA 62/TAR 98, Parent has reached 60-month cash limit.

      If the person with 60 months is not the parent of some of the children, deny cash only for the applicant and their children who are not minor parents with a child in the home. 

    2. For Medical cases, deny the SWAP request.
    3. For active TANF cases, if the request was made before the person reached 60 months, continue TANF until the person has received 60 countable months. If it was a request to add a person with 60+ months, deny the request.
  2. (FCRC) Enter D under SUP. BY of Item 80 code 686 EXREQ to show the request was denied. If the request was for a person who is not in the case, do not attempt to enter code 686. In AIS, enter D under Request Status on CAF Screen 7C.
  3. (System) Automatically deletes code 686 after recording the disposition.
  4. (System) If a person receiving TANF has less than 60 months when the exception is denied, takes appropriate case action when the person reaches the time limit.