PM 02-08-02.

Expedited SNAP benefits can be issued as part of the screening process or the eligibility process. The decision is the Family Community Resource Center's option. However, the eligibility determination and benefit calculation must be performed by an eligibility worker.

Screening Interview Completed Through AIS Screener Subsystem

(Screener) When the message "Potentially Eligible for Expedited SNAP benefits" is displayed on AIS Screen #8D, continue with the remainder of the registration process (assigning a category, basic number, and registration of the application). After registration, direct the applicant to an eligibility worker.

(Elig. Worker) Continue the eligibility process by reviewing the previously entered screening information. An eligibility worker may use Screener Option E or Option X to continue the interview with the applicant, determine eligibility, and issue benefits.

If the review of the screening information indicates that a SNAP unit has eligibility factors (such as citizenship, financial management, or student status) or expenses (such as dependent care, child support, or medical) which require further investigation, do not continue the eligibility process in Screener Option E or Option X. Instead, continue the eligibility interview in Option 2 of the Eligibility Subsystem. Ask the necessary questions. Enter and document any verification which the applicant is able to provide during the interview.

  • Have the applicant sign the 2 SNAP Rights and Responsibilities/Signature pages.
  • Verify the applicant's identity. Accept any other verifications provided at this time, but the client does not have to provide them until the eligibility interview.

Screening Completed in Eligibility Interview Subsystem Option U

If the screening interview is completed by an eligibility worker in the Single Contact Interview Option (Option U) and the request includes SNAP (or is a SNAP Only request), the system prints a 3-page Screening Form 2378C. Have the applicant sign the 2 FS Rights and Responsibilities/Signature pages.

Expedited Benefits Issued on a Pending Cash or Medical Application

If expedited benefits were issued under a pending Cash or Medical number and the cash or Medical application remains pending, reregister the SNAP application under the Cash or Medical number using TA 02/TAR 06. See WAG 02-05-02-a.