PM 02-08-01-a.

Assign category 08 migrant SNAP units to Group 01. The fiscal month is the calendar month.

If the SNAP unit meets the definition of "out-of-funds," follow special income calculations to determine eligibility and the benefit amount for the month in which the application is filed.

  • Consider only income which has been received from the first day of the month through the date the application is filed.
  • Disregard income from a new source that is expected to be received after the day of application.

At SNAP REDE, disregard income from a new source in the first month of the new SNAP approval period if it is more than $25 and will not be received by the 11th day of the month.

Some employers provide travel advances to cover the travel costs of new employees who must travel to the location of their new job. Receipt of travel advances does not affect the determination of whether a migrant is considered "out-of-funds" or whether subsequent payments from the employer are from a new source. However, if the travel advance is actually an advance on wages that is subtracted from wages earned later, count the wage advance as income when computing the SNAP unit's eligibility and benefit amount for the fiscal month in which the advance was received.

Example: If a migrant applies on the 10th day of the May fiscal month, has received a $50 wage advance for travel from its new employer on the 6th day, but will not start receiving any other wages from the employer until the 28th day of the fiscal month, consider them "out-of-funds." Disregard the payment to be received on the 28th, but count the wage advance received prior to the date of application as income.