WAG 02-07-03-l

Verify the identity of the person filing the application. When an approved representative applies for a SNAP unit, verify the identity of the payee for the SNAP unit and of the approved representative. It is not necessary to verify the identity of each person listed on the application.

SNAP applicants may claim expenses for a home in which they temporarily do not live. a SNAP unit that has both an occupied home and an unoccupied home is only entitled to one standard. The appropriate standard may be used for the home the SNAP unit chooses.

When a SNAP unit requests a deduction for child support payments they make, verify the support order and the dhs logoactual support payments made in the last 30 days to determine the child support deduction and convert to a monthly amount. See PM 13-02-04 Converting Income and Deductions to a Monthly Amount.

The support order may be a court order, an administrative order, or a legal separation document.

For SNAP units with a qualifying member verify that total medical costs for all qualifying members are more than $35, prior to allowing a Standard Medical Deduction. Verify all medical expenses for SNAP units choosing actual medical expenses instead of a Standard Medical Deduction. See PM 05-06-01 for qualifying member definition.

If getting needed verification for an expense delays approving a SNAP unit's application, figure the unit's eligibility and benefit level without a deduction for the expense which was reported but not verified. If, after the SNAP unit is approved for benefits, the unit provides verification of the expense, treat the information like the SNAP unit reported a change in circumstances (see PM 18-04). 

Note: Verification of housing costs is not required for SNAP.  Accept the customer's statement of the amount of their housing costs (rent, mortgage, property taxes, state and local assessments, and homeowner's insurance). See PM 13-01-08-c for Shelter Costs for an Unoccupied Home.

When a person in a SNAP only case has to meet the SNAP work requirement, anticipate if the work requirement will be met. A statement that the client expects to meet the work requirement is verification that the work requirement is met. The statement may be from an employer, a local governmental unit, SNAP Employment and Training staff, or a community organization. For active cases, verify that the work requirement is met each month. See PM 03-25 and WAG 03-25.

If a SNAP unit's monthly SNAP related expenses exceed the unit's known monthly income and assets, discuss financial management with the applicant. Ask the applicant how they pay these expenses. They must explain financial management before SNAP benefits are issued.

  • Document the applicant's statements and explanation of their financial management.
  • If explaining financial management requires that the applicant provide verification, request the verification (see PM 02-07-02).
  • Deny the application if the applicant does not provide the verification within 10 calendar days and has not asked for more time or help in getting the information.