WAG 02-07-03-i

New Material See Medical Morsel dated 10/14/15: Medical Morsel - Simplified Processing when SSI is in Non-Pay Status

Verify assets for all benefit programs except for persons who want new textTANF, RRP, FamilyCare Assist, All Kids, or only QMB or SLIB benefits and categorically eligible SNAP units (PM 05-07-00).

Verify assets for SNAP only if a qualifying member unit's gross income exceeds the 200% FPL SNAP Maximum Gross Income Standard, or if a SNAP unit has an IPV or work sanctioned member. These units are not categorically eligible for SNAP.

new textSimplified Processing for Determining Income and Resource Eligibility for Medical Benefits

Apply this policy when determining eligibility at initial application, at redetermination and when changes are reported.

This policy applies to Community and Long Term Supports and Services (LTSS) applicants and clients.

  • Accept receipt of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) as verification of financial eligibility for both income and resources for individuals who are receiving SSI.
  • Accept receipt of SSI as verification of financial eligibility for individuals who were receiving SSI when they were admitted to a nursing facility.
  • Accept the individual's current written statement declaring that their resources are below the resource standard for the program, unless questionable, when their verified income is at or below 100% Federal Poverty Level (FPL).
  • Accept information reported on an application or on a redetermination form as a current written statement of resources.
  • Require a current written statement of resources when a change is reported that could affect financial eligibility.
  • Use HFS 2378DR when a change is reported and a current written statement of resources is required.
  • Verify resource transfers for all individuals applying for or receiving LTSS.