PM 02-07-02-b.

When giving more time to get a third party verification, complete a Form 267 specifying that the necessary verification must be requested in writing from the third party and the last workday by which the verification must be received.

If the client is having trouble getting third party verification, help the client get it in whatever way possible.

New TextAsk a TANF client who claims to have experienced, be experiencing, or fear experiencing domestic or sexual violence to sign Consent to Release Information (Form 34) to give permission to contact a third party. 

Request the information in writing from the third party.

For all programs except SNAP, complete and send Notice of Extension of Time Limitation for Disposition of Application (Form 1952) to the client when the extension is given. Keep a copy in the case record.

If the client contacts the Family Community Resource Center by the 90th day to report that a verification is not obtainable, and Family Community Resource Center efforts to get it have failed, send Request for Specific Case Guidance (Form 2150) to the Bureau of Policy Development.