WAG 02-07-02.

New InformationSee policy memorandum dated 10/03/13 Verifications for Medical Programs.

New InformationSee Medical Morsel dated 04/01/14 Electronic Verifications for Medical Programs.

If the applicant does not bring all of the required verification to the eligibility interview, give them a 2nd written notice that lists what is still needed. Allow 10 calendar days to receive the verification. Write the last day verification can be received on the notice. If the 10th day is not a workday, the last day is the first workday following the 10th calendar day.

When there is no eligibility interview because the person is applying only for medical and the application process cannot be completed without more information from the client, give them a time to contact the FCRC to provide the necessary information. After the client contacts the FCRC to provide the necessary information, if verifications are still needed, send a written notice to provide required verifications. Allow 10 calendar days.

If the verification must be obtained from a third party, tell the applicant that the application cannot be approved without the verification. Make sure they understand this. Make sure the notice tells them what to do if they do not get the verification from the third party by the last day. In this instance, the notice must tell the applicant to show DHS a copy of the written request to the third party if verifications are not received by the last day.