PM 02-07-01

New InformationUpdated with Heads UP! Reviewing ACID & ANQR Clearances

(EW) Use CAF Folio (Form 2389) to store the required clearances.

    1. revised text(AIS) Automatically generates ANQR, ACID, AWVS, SOLQ, TPL, KIDS and SoS clearances for each application. Generates ARS for adults applying for cash. Generates DRS clearance for each SNAP application. Generates SNAP work requirement clearance for Category 08 SNAP only applicants.
    2. (Screener) For medical benefits applicants who report to be a U.S. citizen and have a SSN, complete an SSA citizenship inquiry via the SSA WTPY system. See PM 22-14-03-e for information about how to complete the citizenship query via the SSA WTPY system. After 48 hours from the time the query is completed and prior to approval, check the WTPY system for a response. See WAG 22-14-03-e for required follow up actions.
  1. (Screener) Use the ANQR inquiry to identify former case ID numbers and recipient numbers (RINs).
    1. (Screener) When completing a manual ANQR inquiry, use as little information as possible, such as last name and first initial of first name, to get the widest possible search. With common names use additional identifying information.
    2. (AIS) When there is a matching record found on the ANQR inquiry, automatically completes an ACID inquiry.
    3. (Screener) Request the old case record if there is a case with the same case name or basic number for the Family Community Resource Center.
  2. (Screener) Use the ACID inquiry to determine:
    • if the person has been assigned an RIN within the past 2 years;
    • if any member of a TANF assistance unit has been sanctioned within the past 3 months;
    • whether anyone included in the assistance unit has received assistance in the past 2 years; and
    • previous case ID numbers.
  3. (Screener) If anyone has received assistance in the past 2 years, obtain the RIN from the ACID and ANQR inquiries and enter it on the AIS screen or in Item 60 on Form 552, if processing the application through IPACS. Refer to WAG 27-60-03.
  4. (Screener/EW) If a TANF applicant has been sanctioned within the past 3 months, determine if the sanction is over. See PM 03-13-00, WAG 03-13-00, PM 03-22-00, WAG 03-22-00, PM 24-04-00 and WAG 24-04-00.

    NOTE: If the sanction was imposed more than 3 months ago, and the client is off cash and medical for at least one month, the sanction is over. 

    1. If the sanction is over, do not reenter the sanction code.
    2. If the sanction is not over, continue the sanction if cash is approved by reentering the original sanction code.
  5. (Screener/EW) Complete an AWVS inquiry to determine employment information and potential eligibility for UI through completion of the "Potential Eligibility for Unemployment Insurance (UI)" screen.
  6. (Screener/EW) The ARS clearance determines if the client has a recoupable balance.
  7. (Screener/EW) The SDX and SOLQ clearances provide SSA/SSI information. If there is a conflict of information on clearances, or if the applicant does not agree with the information from SDX and SOLQ, ask them for verification.
  8. (System) Automatically generates an ASVI clearance upon entering an Alien Registration (A) number in AIS.
    1. (Screener/EW) Use the ASVI inquiry to verify the immigration status of a noncitizen who requests assistance for themselves. Compare the ASVI response to the person's INS document(s) to verify authenticity.
    2. (Screener/EW) If the ASVI data does not match or the ASVI response is "Institute Secondary Verification," send Document Verification Request (Form G-845) to the Immigration and Naturalization Service (see WAG 26-01-03-a).
  9. (AIS) Automatically generates a CSOC clearance for each applicant between the ages of 5 and 18, who lives in the City of Chicago.
    1. (EW) Use the inquiry as proof of address, living with, and a student's attendance in the Chicago Public School system.
    2. (EW) Send Verification of School Attendance (Form 541ACM or Form 541CF) if a client disputes information obtained through the CSOC clearance, or if the child attends a private school.
  10. (System) Completes a TPL inquiry when there is a matching record found on the ANQR inquiry.

    NOTE: If the TPL clearance was not generated for an applicant who previously received assistance: 

    • (EW) request the clearance by entering the previous RIN and case ID number on screen 7A of AIS; or
    • (EW) access PF8 and make an entry in the TPL field to view the TPL segment of MMIS.
    1. (EW) Use the TPL inquiry to determine if the person has previously reported health insurance information.
    2. (EW) If TPL was not previously reported for the old Case ID entered on screen 7A of AIS, a clearance is automatically produced with the following message:

      No recipient (with TPL segments) found for the Case ID number entered. 

  11. (EW) See WAG 24-03-01-a for FSIS clearances.