PM 02-06-01.

Form 2781, Attachment to All SNAP Applications Regarding Citizenship/Alien Status is required for AIS face-to-face intake applications and the Illinois DHS Web Benefits Online Application. Use Form 2781 to have the applicant indicate which persons are not applying for SNAP benefits because they are unable or unwilling to provide immigration status information.

If an old case record was requested at screening and is available on the day of the eligibility interview, use the permanent verification information that is in the old record. Conduct the eligibility interview even if an old record was requested and is not available on the day of the interview. Combine old and new case records with the same case name and basic number. If permanent verifications are found in an old case record that has a different case name and basic number from the new record, copy the original documents for the new record and return the original documents to the old record.

During the interview, review all information contained on the application form and explore and resolve with the applicant/representative any unclear or incomplete information.

Manually record interview information when the Automated Intake System (AIS) is not working. When the system starts working again, enter the manually recorded information into AIS on the proper CAF screen(s).

Request additional information by Form 267. Check only the information needed. Give the client at least 10 calendar days to comply with the request.

Advise the applicant of their rights and responsibilities, including the appropriate application processing standard and the SNAP unit's responsibility to report changes. Tell the applicant how SNAP benefits are obtained and used.

If the applicant is a pregnant teen or a teen parent (i.e., under age 20), refer the case to TPS for Teen Parent Intake/Benefit Advocacy (see PM 14-12-06).