1. (Screener) Send the Instructions to Client (Form 267), to schedule the intake interview regardless of whether the interview is held in the office, at the client's home, or by phone.
  2. (Screener) Use Form 267 to indicate the information needed to complete the application process and the date of the scheduled intake interview.
  3. (Screener) Tell the applicant to notify the FCRC if the requested verification cannot be obtained by the date on Form 267.
  4. (Screener) Give the applicant the Instructions to Applicant (Supplement) (Form 267D). This form tells the applicant that parentage information is requested when the absent parent is not a legal parent. (For telephone intake, mail Form 267D so the client has the form before the interview.) On AIS screen 8C enter Form 267D in section named "Other Forms Issued".
  5. (Screener) Give the applicant the Medical Insurance Inquiry (Form 267-TPL) to complete and return to the scheduled intake interview.