PM 02-05-04-a.

(AIS) If AIS determines that the child is eligible for PE, AIS automatically authorizes PE coverage with a TA 10/TAR C6 if income is equal to or less than 133% of the FPL. AIS uses a TA 10/TAR C7 if income is greater than 133% of the FPL but equal to or less than 200% of the FPL.

(FCRC) When AIS authorizes PE, a new Recipient Identification Number (RIN) is assigned if the system is unaware that the child already has a RIN. It is very important that the worker complete Screen 7A (or Screen 9A), Previous Assistance, with the child's former RIN if one is available so that the system does not issue duplicate Recipient Identification Numbers (RIN). It is also important to enter the SSN of the child (if available) so that AIS can check for previous assistance and enter on Screen 7A (or Screen 9A), the child's previous RIN and Case ID if there is a match.

For applications registered through IPACS, the worker is responsible for processing the TA 10/TAR C6 or TA 10/TAR C7 transaction through IPACS.

(System) Notice of Temporary All Kids Benefits (Form 3818) is centrally generated for all cases for which PE is authorized.