Reregister a SNAP application on a pending Cash/SNAP or Medical/SNAP application after authorizing a one or 2-month SNAP approval period, per PM 17-05-02-h. Reregistration restores the SNAP application to pending status on the pending Cash or Medical application.

EXAMPLE: Mr. D applies for Category 93 Medical and SNAP benefits on 05/18/04. Mr. D has no income and is eligible for expedited SNAP benefits. Mr. D's medical information is referred to CAU for a disability determination.

Authorize expedited SNAP benefits for a 2 month approval period (05/04 and 06/04), pending the Category 93 determination. Reregister the SNAP application under the pending Cat.93 number (TA 02/TAR 06 action). The reregistration allows for the approval of SNAP benefits with the Cat. 93 approval.

To reregister an application in AIS, enter TAR 06, Reregistration of an Application, on the correct AIS screen. To reregister via IPACS, complete Form 552 as described in WAG 02-05-02, Step 2b, with the following exceptions:

Item 2 - Enter a reapplication date, which must be later than the original application date.
Item 3 - Enter 02.
Item 5 - To allow for system monitoring of the application, enter the 3-position Caseload/Interview indicator; see WAG 27-05-00.
Item 33 - Enter 06. A TAR 06 action restores the SNAP application to pending status so it can be approved as part of the ongoing Cash or Medical application, or when required, progressed to Category 08 (SNAP Only).

(Intake) If a case ID number must be changed because the Cash or Medical application was denied, change the case number to Category 08 (see WAG 25-07-04-a).