WAG 02-04-00

A completed application form or a web application submitted electronically is required to receive cash, medical, or SNAP. 

An application is the form a person completes and signs to request benefits.  A web application is also an application once the applicant submits it electronically.  A web application that is saved so that it can be finished later is not an application.  The application must contain a name, address and signature to begin the application process.  A web application submitted and received electronically over the internet does not require a signature to begin the application process for cash and medical. But a signed signature page must be received before cash and medical benefits are approved.  An electronic signature is used for SNAP applications submitted and received electronically. 

An applicant is a person who completes an application or has someone complete one for them. A person is not an applicant if they just ask questions about programs, benefits, or eligibility criteria.

revised textA person must be allowed to complete an application. A person cannot be required to attend any meeting or orientation before they can sign an application.

The Family Community Resource Center application process includes:

  • making application forms available;
  • registering signed, completed applications in the computer;
  • obtaining information and verifications to determine if an applicant qualifies;
  • giving the applicant a written notice of the decision; and
  • providing the applicant with the opportunity to register to vote (see PM 22-12-00).

Eligibility for cash benefits, SNAP benefits, AABD Medical, and Family Health Spenddown is not determined for a person who applies on a special HFS All Kids Application form.