Local offices receive a daily list of centrally issued client notices titled "IM Change Notices Issued Centrally/Intake Notices Issued Centrally." The list tells what central notices were issued. Use the list to verify facts needed for a hearing (see WAG 01-07-00). The list includes the following notices:

  • Income Maintenance (IM), Notice of Change (Form 157C).
  • Intake Notices:
  • Notice of Decision on Application for Cash, Medical and/or SNAP (Form 360C);
  • Notice of Missed Interview (Form 267L); and
  • Notice of Decision on SNAP Application - Missed Interview (Form 360R).

The list is printed in alphabetical order within caseload and includes the following information for each unit listed:

  • Date of Notice
  • Date of Change
  • Case Name and Address
  • Case ID Number
  • Notice Sent (Form 157C, Form 267L, Form 360C, Form 360R)
  • Type Action (TA)
  • Type Action Reason (TAR)
  • Effective Date
  • Programs for which Notification Issued (TANF, AABD, SNAP, Medical)
  • New benefit amount, when appropriate