WAG 01-06-01

Send written notices to clients when:

  • approving or denying a written request for any benefits (including Crisis Assistance), or placing the request in pending status;
  • reducing, suspending, voiding, or canceling benefits;
  • shortening the approval period due to enrollment in EZ REDE status;
  • setting up a protective payee plan;
  • making a decision on a client request for payment of medical services or items that need prior approval;
  • new texttransferring a case;
  • increasing cash benefits when there was a written request for the increase;
  • taking action to recoup an overpayment;
  • taking a person out of the case; or
  • making a decision on a work exemption request (does not apply to food stamps).

NOTE: Inform clients orally when medical transportation is approved.