PM 01-01-04

When a client asks to verify their benefit information, obtain a copy of the Recipient Ledger Inquiry screen (PF6) and give it to the client for verification of income. Affix the Family Community Resource Center stamp to the copy of the screen, as needed.

Local, State, Federal Law Enforcement Officials

All requests for SNAP case information from local, state, or federal law enforcement officials must be in writing. The written request must contain:

  • the identity and legal authority of the person making the request;
  • the nature of the violation being investigated and its connection to the enforcement of the SNAP Program; and
  • the identity of the person for whom the information is being requested.
  1. (FCRC) Make an entry in the case record when any case information is released. Include:
    • the name of the person requesting the information;
    • the agency represented;
    • the date of request and the date of the release of information;
    • the specific information released; and
    • the reason for the release.
  2. (FCRC) Make an entry in the case record when any request for case information is denied. Explain the reason for denial.

new textCommunity Outreach Partners

A customer may complete an Outreach Partner Consent Form (IL 444-3690) allowing an outside agency to inquire about their application or case status, including help with providing verifications.

Form 3690 may be faxed, mailed or brought to the FCRC. Form 3690 is voluntary. Refusal to complete Form 3690 does not affect eligibility for SNAP outreach services provided by the Outreach Partner, or the customer's eligibility for benefits. This consent form is not valid more than 180 days beyond the date of signature.  Form 3690, does not give the outside agency permission to act as an approved representative for the customer (see PM 02-04-02-a).