Earnfare gives a person who receives only SNAP benefits the chance to earn cash. text deleted

Earnfare clients work at the state or federal minimum, whichever is higher, until they have worked an amount equal to the monthly SNAP benefit they receive. After they've "worked off" the monthly SNAP benefit amount, they receive the state or federal minimum wage, whichever is higher, for each extra hour worked.

The federal minimum wage increased to $7.25 effective 07/24/09.

Effective 07/01/10,the state minimum wage is $8.25. Earnfare participants may earn up to a maximum of $294 per month after working off the value of their SNAP benefit divided by the state minimum wage. A person can only receive Earnfare for 6 months out of 12 months in a row. A month is any month a client receives an Earnfare payment. A person can receive a voucher for special clothing, if needed for employment.