revised textThere are special medical programs for pregnant women. These programs have a higher income standard (up to 200% of the FPL) than the Assist programs. The programs help reduce infant deaths, reduce the number of low birth-weight infants, and provide for a more healthy childhood. These special programs are for:

  • Pregnant women who are not eligible for Assist due to their level of income or citizenship status. They may receive medical under Moms & Babies. They do not have to meet all of the Assist eligibility factors (see PM 06-09-00).
  • revised textPregnant women may receive help from the Medicaid Presumptive Eligibility (MPE) program, also known as the Healthy Start program. MPE pays qualified providers for prenatal outpatient medical care services for a limited time while DHS or HFS determines their eligibility for ongoing Moms & Babies medical benefits (see PM 06-10-00).