Mental Health Grant Information - FY2021

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New!Given that the State adopted Federal Uniform Regulation 2 CFR 200 to be applied to State grant awards, IDHS will apply the language communicated to the State by the Executive Office of the President, Deputy Director of Management, Memorandums M-20-11 dated March 9, 2020 and M-20-17 dated March 19, 2020 to relieve the administrative burden for State funded grant program awardees (Due to the COVID19 Pandemic). Additionally, GOMB concurs with the Department's plan to apply the same approach to relieve the administrative burden for our non-grant program providers.

The FY21 NOFOs that were already posted have been moved under the Non-Competitive Section, and no grants with a July 1, 2020 start date will be competitively awarded for FY21. The FY20 grant awards for these programs will be renewed for FY21. Grantees are requested to please submit an application and enter an FY21 budget into the CSA system, complete the Programmatic Risk Assessment (PRA) for each program and one FY21 Internal Control Questionnaire (ICQ), which is now available in the GATA Grantee Portal.

The Due date for ALL FY21 applications and budgets, PRAs and ICQs is April 30th by 5:00 p.m. CST.

Also Note:  Additional opportunities will be posted over the next few weeks. We strongly encourage you to monitor this website regularly for additional postings and the specific deadlines and instructions.  A Communication Alert will go out when other programs are posted.

For detailed information about the requirements, please see Grant Application Information and Instructions.  Note: For best results use the Internet Explorer browser when accessing the GATA and IDHS systems. In addition, a Summary of the requirements are listed at the bottom of this page.

PLEASE NOTE: FY21 Submissions should be at the FY20 amended funding level which includes any COLAs received.


Due Date for Programs listed below is APRIL 30, 2020, 5:00 PM CST

DMH Program Grant Title CSFA Number GA PRA
Juvenile Justice (121) 444-22-0631 GA 0631 PRA 0631
Housing Bridge Subsidy Administrators (200) 444-22-0620 GA 0620 PRA 0620
Housing MI Supportive (220) 444-22-1482 GA 1482 PRA 1482
Outpatient Fitness Restoration (230) 444-22-2344 GA 2344 PRA 2344
Capitated Community Care (410) 444-22-0632 GA 0632 PRA 0632
Eligibility and Disposition Assessment (420) 444-22-0797 GA 0797 PRA 0797
Community Support Team (430) 444-22-0623 GA 0623 PRA 0623
CMHP C&A Children MH Partnership (510-CMHP) 444-22-1722 GA 1722 PRA 1722
FCHR IL CHR-P Stepped Care Initiative (510-FCHR) 444-22-1732 GA 1732 PRA 1732
First Episode Presentation Program (510-FEPP) 444-22-1294 GA 1294 PRA 1294
Farm Family Resource Initiative (510-FFRI) 444-22-2346 GA 2346 PRA 2346

FPBH - Promoting Integration of Primary and Behavioral

Health Care (510-FPBH) - GENERIC

444-22-1726 GA 1726 PRA 1726
FPBH -  (510-FPBH) - CUSTOM 444-22-1726 GA 1726 PRA 1726
Regions Special Mental Health Services (510-NAMI) 444-22-1709 GA 1709 PRA 1709
Regions Rural Behavioral Health Access (510-RBHA) 444-22-1182 GA 1182 PRA 1182
Juvenile Inpatient Forensic Services (515-JIFS) 444-22-1183 GA 1183 PRA 1183
Regions Deaf Special Program (515-RDSP) 444-22-1184 GA 1184 PRA 1184
Regions IPS Trainers (515-RIPS) 444-22-1185 GA 1185 PRA 1185
Regions Extended MISA Detox (515-RMSD) 444-22-1186 GA 1186 PRA 1186
Regions Donated Funds Initiative (520) 444-22-0626 GA 0626 PRA 0626
Psychiatric Medications (574) 444-22-0635 GA 0635 PRA 0635
PATH Grant (575) 444-22-0636 GA 0636 PRA 0636
Crisis Staffing (580) 444-22-0231 GA 0231 PRA 0231
MH CILA (620) 444-22-0638 GA 0638 PRA 0638
Outreach (710) 444-22-0627 GA 0627 PRA 0627
Drop In Center (720) 444-22-0639 GA 0639 PRA 0639
Cluster PSH (785) 444-22-1253 GA 1253 PRA 1253
Accessible Housing and Assistive Technology (791) 444-22-2238 GA 2238 PRA 2238
Quality Assurance and Data Analytics (792) 444-22-2239 GA 2239 PRA 2239
Front Door Diversion Pilot (800) 444-22-1529 GA 1529 PRA 1529
Supported Residential (820) 444-22-1200 GA 1200 PRA 1200
Supervised Residential (830) 444-22-1202 GA 1202 PRA 1202
Reintegration Residential (840) 444-22-0646 GA 0646 PRA 0646
Crisis Care (860) 444-22-1205 GA 1205 PRA 1205
In Home Recovery Support (866) 444-22-1207 GA 1207 PRA 1207

General Questions: Q&A

Application and Submission Information

  1. Complete and submit a Grant Application to Each application must be sent in a separate email. Links are provided under the "GA" column of this website. Page 1 of the applications are pre-populated.
    1. The subject line of the email MUST state:
      1. Provider Organization Name
      2. CSFA Number (444-22-XXXX)
      3. Contact Name (Barb Roberson)
  2. Complete and submit the FY 2021 Uniform Grant Budget in the IDHS CSA Tracking System (;

In addition, the following are eligibility requirements:

  1. Register with the Illinois Grant Accountability and Transparency Act Grantee Portal.
  2. Have a current DUNS number;
  3. Have a current FEIN Number;
  4. Have a current System for Award Management Account account;
  5. Be in Good Standing with the Illinois Secretary of State, (government entities are exempt);
  6. Register and access both the Illinois Department of Human Services Community Service Agreement (CSA) tracking system and the Centralized Repository Vault (CRV);
  7. If indirect costs are included in the budget, have an annually negotiated indirect cost rate agreement (NICRA).
  8. Not be on the Department of Healthcare and Family Services Provider Sanctions list;
  9. Not be on the Federal Excluded Parties List.

NOTE: PPR and PPRT Reports can be found in the Provider section of the DHS website at FY21 reports will be uploaded prior to the due date of the first report.

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