1253 Questions and Answers for Cluster Supportive Permanent Housing

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  1. QUESTION:  Have you contracted with each building for a certain number of placements-and if so how many-and is the grant money to be used to pay or subsidize their rent?

    ANSWER:  The Warren Street site has 12 units. The Studio Apartments site has 20 units. These units are covered with HUD 811 subsidies (managed by IDHA). There is no DMH Bridge Subsidy attached to the units. The HUD 811 subsidy is project based, meaning that the subsidies do not follow the tenant. The tenant still must pay 30% of their income toward the total rental amount of the lease.

  2. QUESTION:  The proposal says to budget six months for the Wabash building and 3 months for the Warren building. Are the $400k+ grant amounts to pay just for those periods-or are those the amounts for the next full year, and one of our tasks in the proposal is to provide a budget for the startup period.

    ANSWER: Partial funding must be budgeted based on estimated start dates. Therefore, budgeted amounts will need to be 6 months for the Wabash Building and 3 months for the Warren Building. See the NOFO: 

    1. Summary Information, Box 12 Award Range - Location 1: $450,000, Location 2: $410,000, Note: Program Funding and Award Range amounts are stated as full fiscal year amounts - Awards will be based on budgeted expenses for the actual term of the agreement.
    2. Section B. Funding Information - Although award range amounts are stated as full fiscal year amounts of $450,00 for Location 1 and $410,000 for Location 2, applicant submitted budgets should only include expenses for the actual anticipated term of the grant agreement. The anticipated start date for Location 1 is January 1, 2020. The anticipated start date for location 2 is April 1, 2020.
    3. Section D # 3 Budget Requirements, d and e. - the budgets must only include estimated partial fiscal year expenses for the anticipated terms. This means that the Amounts listed in the NOFO for each location are for a full year and, therefore, budgeted amounts will need to be for 6 months for the Wabash Building (not exceed $250,000) and for 3 months for the Warren Building (not exceed $102,500).
  3. QUESTION:  Are you going to have a Q&A?

    ANSWER:  A Technical Assistance Session has been scheduled which will included Q&As on October 22, 2019 from 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM. See the Summary Section Box 18 of the NOFO.

  4. QUESTION:  Is this funding for the support (via RSAs) or is the grantee agency to find the housing too? 

    ANSWER: 'Cluster Housing' is a model of Permanent Supportive Housing, in which apartments/units (lease-held by the Class Member) are "clustered" in the same building or in geographic proximity (neighboring buildings). The premise of this model is to have support resources (non-clinical) on the premises 24 hours daily to address housing tenancy stability, housing management and personal issues (non-clinical) of Class Members who have been identified as having greater needs (medical, functional or behavioral) and who may be a risk living in scatter-site apartments. The two properties in this NOFO are the addresses where the Cluster Housing units are located. The NOFO is for the staff (peer support) who will work to support those Class Members who chose to reside in the units.

  5. QUESTION:  Does DMH have housing units identified and the agency does not need to find properties?

    ANSWER: The two properties in this NOFO are the addresses where the Cluster Housing units are located. The NOFO is for the staff (peer support) who will work to support those Class Members who chose to reside in the units.  Grantees do not need to find properties.

  6. QUESTION:  Do other grantees have this grant currently?

    ANSWER: Not for these two locations. Current grantees have this grant for other locations.

  7. QUESTION:  Is an outside agency providing services?

    ANSWER:  Any Williams Class Member across all agencies, regardless of the awarded agency for the NOFO, may submit a lease application for one of these units if it is their preference (choice) to reside in the building. There is no agency/class member allegiance.

  8. QUESTION:  Is the primary provider to the client the provider who placed the client?

    ANSWER:  Any Williams Class Members can look at the units and choose it as their PSH. The Awardee is hiring the staff who will work on the premises of the location. The Class Member can come from any of the Williams agencies.

  9. QUESTION:  Are the on site staff peer support staff?

    ANSWER:  Peer support staff would be working as the support. It is encouraged that peer support staff be hired.

  10. QUESTION:  Are the sites wheelchair accessible?

    ANSWER:  Yes, both locations are accessible.

  11. QUESTION:  Does the cost of office space fall to awardee?

    ANSWER:  There is no cost for space; there may be some fees, but rent is free.

  12. QUESTION:  Does the awardee furnish the office space?

    ANSWER:  Yes, applicants should budget for furnishings (i.e., chairs, desks, copy machine).

  13. QUESTION:  What about heat and electricity?  Are these furnished?

    ANSWER:  There is no overhead. Awardees do not have to pay for heat and electricity.

  14. QUESTION:  Is there security?

    ANSWER:  The Studio Apartments (Location 1) have a front desk and Security 24/7. The Warren street apartments does not have 24/7 but has security to get in.

  15. QUESTION:  Why are award amounts for the 2 locations different?

    ANSWER:  The amounts are based on the number of clients living there.

  16. QUESTION:  Are 12 units the limit for location 2 (Warren Street Apartments)?

    ANSWER:  Yes.

  17. QUESTION:  Is the maximum units for Location 1 (Studio Apartments) 20?

    ANSWER:  Yes.

  18. QUESTION:  Are the two locations combined?

    ANSWER:  No.

  19. QUESTION:  Can applications be combined?

    ANSWER:  No, applications must be submitted separately. Budgets also must be submitted separately.

  20. QUESTION:  Is there a staffing ratio?

    ANSWER:  In the application/budget/proposal, the applicant must tell us what they need. If you have one person there you must tell us how you will cover their absence.

  21. QUESTION:  Does the supervisor need to be on site or can they be at a remote location?

    ANSWER:  The supervisor can be at a remote location.

  22. QUESTION:  Does the supervisor need to be a Rehabilitation Services Associate (RSA) or higher?

    ANSWER:  DHS/DMH does not dictate that, but the supervisor needs to be well trained, understand Serious Mental Illness (SMI), have communication skills and be able to work with staff and a monitoring team.

  23. QUESTION:  What is the deadline for submitting applications for this NOFO?

    ANSWER:  The deadline is November 7, 2019 at 5:00 PM Central Time. It is imperative that all documents in the NOFO are received by this date. Anything received after 5:00 PM Central Time on November 7, 2019 will not be reviewed/accepted.

  24. QUESTION:  Are the agencies expected to allocate part of the funding amount to supplement the resident's rent?

    ANSWER:  No, the units/apartments are funded by HUD 811 dollars, i.e., in essence these are project-based subsidized units. The tenant (Class Member) must pay 30% of income towards the total rental amount.

  25. QUESTION: Are the agencies supplying the food?

    ANSWER:  No, this is NOT a supervised residential setting. These are leased held apartments/units. The tenant (Class Member) applies for SNAP and are responsible for their own meals. This is Permanent Supportive Housing.

  26. QUESTION: What is the client range total for the Downtown facility?

    ANSWER:  There is no "client range". The NOFO is related to the number of units/apartments, by building address, that will be available for lease by Williams Class Members. The number of apartments/units for this facility is 20.

  27. QUESTION: What is the client range total for the Warren Ave. facility?

    ANSWER:  There is no "client range".

  28. QUESTION:  Is there a phone and internet service available?

    ANSWER:  The application and budget submitted should factor in the cost for phone and internet services. This would not be assumed by the building management.

  29. QUESTION: Are the landlords (Mercy and Warren) providing for free or offering (for rent)space for an office in their buildings?
    ANSWER: Both sites will have office space included for staff and meetings. There is no additional cost to the awardee.