National Children's Mental Health Awareness Day 2019 - Monday, May 6th

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Awareness Day 2019:

This year SAMHSA is promoting "Suicide Prevention Strategies that Work". The focus is early identification and intervention for children and youth in severe distress. Monday, May 6th is the SAMHSA kickoff event and Thursday May 9th is the national day of events. Celebrations across the country in schools, parks, and community centers will bring light to the need for increased awareness, decreased stigmatization, and continued efforts to provide children and families with the very best services available. Themes will include suicide prevention, trauma-informed care, bullying prevention, and championing the rights of children to live in homes and attend schools that are safe, nurturing environments.

Being aware includes knowing what stigma is and how it affects the people we love. The Division of Mental Health is championing the eradication of stigma. Please take a moment to participate in the National Alliance on Mental Illness' "stigmafree" campaign and let others, especially children and youth, know there is hope and understanding. Our young people can change the world. Start here, stigma free, and pass it on!

For more information, contact: or 217-558-0137

 National Chidren's Mental Health Awareness Day

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