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  1. QUESTION: The proposed locations listed a number of locations and I couldn't tell from those listed which one Rockford would fit into. Peoria and Decatur were both called out individually, but Rockford wasn't. Given that Rockford's overdose morbidity and mortality crude numbers and rates are much higher than those cities, I'm assuming we must be included in one of the other categories, but I can't tell which one. Could you please point me in the right direction?

    ANSWER:  Please refer to the following website which lists the regions and counties. 

  2. QUESTION:  A provider in Morgan County has the following question: Most of your proposed physical locations are in the Chicago/Suburbs area. The closest locations to us (Decatur and Peoria) are two hours away. It would be relatively easy to partner with other groups in Morgan County to exceed the 20 unique individuals per month criteria. Are you open to locations outside of the proposed geographic area?

    ANSWER:  Since general locations were specified for the drop-in centers, any proposals that do not address services in those general locations must be considered non-responsive to the NOFO.

  3. QUESTION: Is this notice for new Drop-In Centers. We currently have this grant and are mid-year in the cycle. We want to make sure we didn't need to submit anything new, that the NOFO was just for new applicants

    ANSWER: The NOFO is NOT just for new applicants. A current provider of the Drop-In Centers grant agreement must apply as well, as this is being Competitively Bid.

  4. QUESTION:  Is this NOFO for a renewal of our current Drop-In Center grant agreement?

    ANSWER:  No, this is NOT a renewal. Drop-In Centers for FY 2020 are being competitively bid.
  5. QUESTION: Is it possible to request additional funding if we already have a grant for Drop-In Centers?

    ANSWER:  You may request more funding for FY 2020; however, if your facility is chosen, the amount may or may not be approved.

  6. QUESTION:  Is it possible for a current provider to start a new drop in center next year with this grant opportunity?

    ANSWER:  Only the number of drop-in centers listed in the NOFO under Eligibility will be awarded.

  7. QUESTION:  Since we currently receive Drop-In Center funding, if we want to keep that money in FY 2020 would we need to submit for this grant?

    ANSWER:  This is the first time program 720 is being competed. No current FY19 providers are "grandfathered" in for FY 2020. Failure to apply will result in no grant funding for this program for FY 2020. All interested parties must apply as instructed in the NOFO.

  8. QUESTION:  For the proposed location of this program, do the numbers in parentheses refer to the State of IL regions?

    ANSWER:  The number in parenthesis are the number of drop-in centers we will be funding from those particular counties/areas.

  9. QUESTION:  Are the proposed locations listed in #4 of the deliverables final? 

    ANSWER:  Yes, these locations are final.

  10. QUESTION:  If we are interested in submitting for more than one location (say a city site and a southwest suburban cook county site) do we submit two applications or do we combine the request into 1 application?

    ANSWER:  One application and one budget need to be submit, but as they are filled out you will need to show separation within each document.

  11. QUESTION:  We currently provide psychosocial rehabilitation (PSR) services to MI and Day Treatment to I/DD clients throughout the city. Programming is from 9am-3pm, Monday through Friday. Are we able to use the same facilities in the evenings and on weekends for the drop in center? Or do we need a separate facility?

    ANSWER:  The setting of a Recovery Drop In Center is non-clinical in nature. Therefore, you cannot use the same location that you would use to provide Psychosocial Rehabilitation services. For evenings and week-ends you would also need to provide a distinct location separate from clinical services.

  12. QUESTION:  Is the program still funded by Federal Balancing Incentive Program under ACA? Is it GRF? Other?

    ANSWER:  No, the balancing incentive funding is no longer available.

  13. QUESTION:  Would the drop in center be available to all MI client or limited to Williams and Colbert?

    ANSWER: The Drop-in Center is available to all MI clients with lived experience. It is not restricted to William's or Colbert Class members.

  14. QUESTION: Is there a list available showing locations of SMRFHS?

    ANSWER: DMH does not have a list of SMRFHS.

    CORRECTION:  DMH now has a list of SMRFHS.  Click here:  SMRFH Listing (pdf)
  15. QUESTION:  Section C1: Proposed location - is the intention of IDHS to strategically place Lake County, IL locations at a certain distance from the existing centers or would a new center be eligible/appropriate? Or rather, is IDHS seeking a facility to attempt to cater to a new region in Lake County, and if so, what is the ideal distance from existing centers?
  16. ANSWER:  Current FY19 grant awards for existing centers will expire June 30, 2019. Funding for 18 centers is competitive for FY 2020. One of the locations specified is Lake County. There is no further specification within the county itself. If further clarification is needed, it is recommended that applicants call in for the technical session that will be held February 5th at 2:00 pm.
  17. QUESTION:  Where does Rockford fall under Eligibility in the NOFO?

    ANSWER:  Rockford does not fall under the listed locations in the NOFO. Any agency can apply for the grant but it must be in the locations specified in the NOFO.

  18. QUESTION:  Could a wider availability throughout the state for drop-in center funding be a possibility in future fiscal years?

    ANSWER:  The location of the drop-in centers is driven by the location of Williams and Colbert Consent Decree class members moving into the community.

  19. QUESTION:  Can you provide the locations that are due to expire on June 30 so we can understand our vicinity to them? 

    ANSWER:  You can find the current locations in CSFA. Once you put in the CSFA Number you should scroll down until you see "Top 10 Active Awards" and then click on "View All Awards" which is located on the right.

  20. QUESTION:  Are agencies, who do not currently have a grant award, competing with the existing centers for funding, or is this a new location in addition to their potential renewal?

    ANSWER:  Current FY19 grant awards for existing centers will expire June 30, 2019. Funding for 18 centers is competitive for FY 2020.  Therefore, all applicants will be competing. There are no renewals. Those centers that are expiring on June 30, 2019, must also apply and compete.

  21. QUESTION:  In the NOFO it states that funding for 1 drop in center in the Western suburbs will be awarded. Would Joliet count as a Western suburb?

    ANSWER:  Joliet is in another County. Western Suburb is in Cook County.

  22. QUESTION:  Who is the contact to get rights to the CSFA system?

    ANSWER:  This information can be found by following this link: