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Provider enrollment for Critical Incident and Reporting Analysis System (CIRAS)

The Division is pleased to report that we are finalizing our enrollment for CIRAS electronic reporting system. We only have a handful of providers that still need to complete enrollment. Information from the Critical Incident Reporting and Analysis System (CIRAS) for the Medicaid Waiver services will allow the Division to analyze reports of critical incidents for purposes of better ensuring the health and safety of the individuals we serve.

Medicaid Waiver providers are required to report critical incidents through the CIRAS application.

The CIRAS Manual is available at

The link to the CIRAS application can be found in the CIRAS Manual. Agencies should ensure that they are utilizing the current CIRAS link.

Passwords automatically expire after 60 days for the CIRAS database. To reset passwords, providers are to go to the link below: and click on Reset your Password or Unlock your Account and follow the instructions.

If you are a provider who has yet to enroll, we encourage you to click on the manual link above, and follow the instructions listed. Providers should then email their paperwork to in order to finalize the process. If providers have any questions they can contact Sherry Hinds at the email listed or via telephone at 217-782-5918.

Ethics Training - Reminder

The mandatory ethics training period is May 8th through June 6th. During this period, all DHS/Division employees are required to take the ethics training. Your completion of this training is both a legal requirement and a condition of your employment. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action, including discharge. If you have any questions relating to this training, please contact the Ethics Training Administrator at

Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities: Southern Illinois Transition Project Call For Investment (CFI)

The Council has a total of $1,000,000 for up to 4 proposals. The Council expects Southern IL Transition Projects to begin October 1, 2018 and end within 3 years. The Council wants to see proposals which are cost effective and reasonable to meet the proposed project activities and reach the project's stated performance target.

For the purpose of this proposal, Southern Illinois (SI) will encompass a rough border of Interstate 70 south to the stateliness on the east, west, and south borders including the Edwardsville and Alton areas.

The purpose of the Southern IL Transition Project is to provide resources to southern IL to increase the likelihood that transition age individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) experience successful post-secondary transition from high school to adult life.

Important Dates:

- The CFI webinar will take place at 10:00 am, May 31, 2018. The webinar will be held at 10:00 am, May 31, 2018. To RSVP and receive login information please email Mariel Hamer, Associate Director of Program and Policy at by 12:00 pm on May 30, 2018.

  • Concepts Briefs are due on or before 5:00 pm, June 13, 2018
  • Invitation to submit a full proposal will be provided no later than 5:00 pm, June 20, 2018
  • Full proposals will be due by 5:00 pm on July 18, 2018
  • Telephone Interviews (if needed) will take place on July 26, 2018 or July 27, 2018

How to Apply:

ICDD is requesting a brief 3 to 5 page Concept Brief (also called "white papers" in the government contracting sector) prior to submission of a full proposal. This process helps save time by eliminating ideas that are not likely to be funded. All Concept Briefs will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. An applicant cannot submit a full proposal unless invited by ICDD.


Webinar - Partnership Opportunities for Payers, Providers and States: Supportive Housing for High Utilizers

Medicaid managed care plans, health systems, and states are teaming up with community-based organizations and housing authorities to consider a wide variety of supportive housing initiatives. Research indicates that doing so not only improves health outcomes for individuals experiencing homelessness, mental health, and/or substance use disorders, but also reduces utilization of emergency room services, inpatient bed days, and community justice involvement.

During this webinar, leading Medicaid and supportive housing consultants from HMA will outline nationally recognized evidence-based practice supportive housing models used to bend the healthcare cost curve, citing specific programs and outcomes.

Webinar Details: Thursday, June 7, 2018, 1-2pm, Click Here to Register!

Supported Employment Listening and Learning Session

Individuals with disabilities, families and staff, please join us for Supported Employment Listing and Learning Session in Mascoutah, IL. Participants will be able to listen, learn, share experiences, become involved and advocate with a new project, the Supported Employment Action Team (SEAT). This event will take place May 30, 2018 from 9:30am-11am at Trinity Services in Mascoutah, IL.

Register by emailing For more information, email Meg Cooch at or 773-558-5136. The SEAT Project is funded by the Illinois Council on Developmental Disabilities.

Trainer's Corner Logo

Trainer's Corner-Quality Enhancement Unit

In this edition of Trainer's Corner, we will discuss the new version of the CQL Personal Outcome Measures training. Agency staff that went through the training prior to July of 2017 will remember there were three areas containing the 21 outcomes (My Self, My World, My Dreams). The newest version has the 21 outcomes divided into 5 areas: My Human Security, My Community, My Relationships, My Choices, and My Goals. In upcoming editions, we will be discussing each of the five areas, looking at the outcomes in each, and discussing the individual outcomes. Below is the new version.

My Human Security: People are safe, People are free from abuse and neglect, People have the best possible health, People experience continuity & security, People exercise rights, People are treated fairly, and People are treated with respect.

My Community: People use their environments, People live in integrated environments, People interact with other members of the community, and People participate in the life of the community.

My Relationships: People are connected to natural support networks, People have friends, People have intimate relationships, People decide when to share personal information, and People perform different social roles.

My Choices: People choose where and with whom they live, People choose where they work, People choose services.

My Goals: People choose personal goals, People realize personal goals.

Information derived from the CQL Personal Outcomes Measures Participant's Manual, provided by the Council on Quality Leadership.

On The Move

Jessica Davis will be joining the Division of Developmental Disabilities on June 1, as an Administrative Assistant I in the Director's Office. Jessica began her State career in 2001 as a Medical Education Program Coordinator at SIU School of Medicine. She transferred to the Illinois Department of Human Services in 2017 where she worked in the Bureau of Adult Services & Basic Supports as an Office Coordinator.

Shola Famuwagun will be joining the Division's Bureau of Reimbursement and Program Support on June 1, as a Management Operations Analyst I. Shola was born in Nigeria and moved to the US with his wife in October, 2000. He worked as a mental health technician for 7 years and a Residential Services Supervisor for 2 years, both at the Jacksonville Developmental Center. Shola became a caseworker at the Sangamon FCRC for 3 years and an Executive 1 at Family and Community Services (funeral and Burial Unit), where he processed reimbursement claims for individuals and vendors all over the State of Illinois.

Director Greg Fenton is retiring on May 31st after 10 years with the State of Illinois and the Division of Developmental Disabilities! The Division held a retirement party to honor Director Fenton on May 24th. Pictured below: Director Fenton and Kathy Ward.

Kathy Ward presenting Greg Fenton a plaque for his retirement 313B Applauds Greg Fenton

John McNamara, Public Service Administrator in the Bureau of Reimbursement and Program Support, is retiring on May 31st after 33 years with the State of Illinois! The Bureau held a retirement reception in honor of John on May 22nd. Pictured below: John McNamara and Bureau Chief, Bob Gillmore.

John McNamara's Retirement

Iles Park Place Blood Drive Results

The blood drive held on Friday, May 18th was a huge success! A special shout out to TWO FIRST TIME donors!! The staff at the Central Illinois Community Blood Center wants to express their many thanks on behalf of the patients and their families for the support of the IDHS employees at the blood drive. We were able to collect a total of 12 units of blood at the drive on Friday, in addition to the four people who donated at the blood center, for a total of 16 units of whole blood! All of the blood collected in this drive was transported to the headquarters in Davenport to be processed into platelets, plasma, red blood cells and cryo. Within 72 hours of our drive, patients began receiving transfusions from our donations! In the end, IDHS will have contributed to 48 life-saving procedures that will impact 48 patients and their families forever. THANK YOU for supporting the local blood supply!! The staff is always striving to improve our efforts, please let Teresa Sheley know if you have any ideas on how to improve your experience.

State Operated Developmental Center News

Choate Center: The first resident-led facility-wide talent show was held on May 23rd. The activities included talent from more than 12 acts, refreshments, and fellowship. The top three acts were awarded gift certificates to the facility's "Side Street Café".

Choate Center: The facility pool will have its summer opening the week of Memorial Day. This year the residents will enjoy many added pool floats donated by various community members (ABATE).

Fox Center: Fox Center individuals will be participating in Special Olympics on Friday, May 25th at Harmony Park in Dwight, IL.

Kiley Center: On May 20th, eight individuals participated in a wonderful night they will never forget! They attended the 5th annual "A Night to Remember" 2018 Prom. This event was a community-wide prom held in Racine Wisconsin at the Festival Hall on Lake Michigan. It was a free prom honoring individuals with special needs, ages 18-30 years old. All eight individuals were provided a tuxedo or a prom dress, a corsage or a boutonniere, a walk down the red carpet with many paparazzi and cheering fans. The glamorous evening also included food and lots of dancing. All individuals were driven up to the red-carpet in a limousine with their escort. At the beginning of May the ladies were invited to a dress fitting. At this dress fitting they picked out there dream gown and all accessories to be worn the night of the prom. After the prom the ladies can keep their gown. The gentlemen went to a local tuxedo shop and picked out the perfect tux that included the color they wanted and the type of shoes that would match their tuxedo. The day of Prom the ladies went to a local beauty shop and got their hair and makeup done for free. They were beautiful with their up-dos and shiny tiaras. After they all got dolled up they went out to dinner with the Kiley staff that were also wearing ball gowns that they purchased for this special event. When they arrived at the event they were escorted to a limo that drove them to the red carpet. When they exited the limo they were greeted by hundreds of fans and an MC announcing there entrance onto the red carpet. At the end of the evening everyone went home with a professional picture of them with their "date" and a goody bag full of memorable prom items and a t-shirt. We are all looking forward for next years Prom!

Pictured below(from left to right): Toni, Shelene, Diana, Chris, Anthony and Cynthia enjoying prom!

6 Individuals attending Prom at Kiley Center

Pictured below: Melinda and Lucas walking down the red carpet.

Melinda and Lucas walking down the red carpet

Pictured below: James walking/dancing down the red carpet.

James walking/dancing down the red carpet

Ludeman Center: During the month of May, the Activity Department held a birthday dance on May 10th for all birthdays in the month of May. Cupcakes were served and enjoyed by all! Movie Night was held on May 15th in the gym and all enjoyed popcorn with the movie. The Activity Department took individuals to the White Sox game on May 24th!

Mabley Center: The therapy dog, Duke, has recently made a few rounds on campus. Our individuals are always so excited to have him visit!

Murray Center: Last week, a group visited the "World's Largest Things" in Casey IL. After the visit they had a picnic in the park.

Shapiro Center: Individuals participated in Walgreens red nose day on Friday, May 18, 2018 at Kankakee County Training Center. They enjoyed taking part in various activities and having hot dogs, chips, and cookies.

Thank You

First and foremost, as this will be my last contribution to the DDD Scoop, I would be remiss if I didn't take this opportunity to publicly recognize and thank Kathy Ward, editor of the DDD Scoop, for putting this newsletter together every two weeks. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to ensure the Scoop gets out on time and contains meaningful information. Despite her many responsibilities, Kathy has always made it one of her highest priorities.

Second, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Kathy for being my Chief of Staff for the last three years. I only agreed to take this position, if I could bring Kathy with me. I knew that I couldn't do this job without her, and I was absolutely right. Her counsel has been invaluable during the last three years.

Third, I want to thank all of you within and outside the Division for your invaluable support and for your many contributions to our system. I have been inspired by the energy and commitment that each of you bring to our important work. We have a lot to be grateful for, and great things to look forward to in the future. Thanks to you, we have taken important steps to create a platform for a more responsive service delivery system - even if not yet fully developed. Moreover, given the wealth of knowledge and experience in our Division and within our system, I know that I'm leaving the Division in a good place and in very capable hands.

Through our important work over the last three years, there have been spirited debates and differing opinions on many issues; however, even when we agreed to disagree, our interactions were characterized by mutual respect and a genuine commitment to find the best possible outcomes for those we mutually serve. I am humbled to have been a part of such wonderful work that has advanced mission objectives and transformed lives.

Finally, I want to thank you individually and collectively for taking me into the lives of so many people who needed our support and compassion and who trusted us to make a difference.

I sincerely hope that we did.