Effective Date: 02/01/05
Reference: None

Policy Statement:

The Illinois Department of Human Services, Bureau of Child Care & Development, intends to actively support infant and toddler care in licensed centers by offering an enhanced rate to licensed centers that increase capacity to serve children under age 2.

Program Overview:

In FY99, an infant-toddler incentive program was developed to increase the number of infant and toddler child care spaces in centers that are available to low income families. This program will pay up to a maximum of 10 percent above the child care assistance rate for children 2 years of age and younger. The 10 percent add-on is paid only to centers that serve a high percentage of IDHS children that are 21/2 years old or younger and receive child care assistance. The infant-toddler incentive rate paid by DHS cannot exceed the rate paid by the general public for children age two and younger. Children whose care is paid by an agency other than IDHS are not eligible for this program.

To qualify for the infant-toddler incentive, at least 25 percent of the children five years of age and younger in the center must be thirty months or younger; and 50 percent of those children must be receiving child care assistance. The enhanced rate will be paid for children age 2 or younger that receive child care assistance. Licensed centers submit monthly enrollment forms on a quarterly basis to receive a lump sum payment for the enhanced rate.

The Department will strive to increase child care center participation in the infant-toddler incentive program through outreach and by providing an infant-toddler incentive program information packet to interested centers.

For information on this program call the Springfield office 217-524-8880.