Effective Date: 01/01/00
Revised:  09/17/09 03/6/13

Reference: None; Cross Reference: 05.02.01, W-9 Certification; 05.03.01, CANTS

Policy Statement:

To preserve the accuracy of provider information, a provider must notify the Department or its agent in writing of incorrect or invalid information or a change in any information that may effect the status of a payment or a contract.


All changes or corrections to provider information must be processed within ten (10) business days of receipt of written notification to ensure the prompt delivery of child care payments.

I.  SSN/FEIN Change

After receiving notification that a provider's SSN/FEIN is either incorrect or is changing,

  1. Send a new W-9 form to the provider for completion.
    1. After the W-9 form is returned, obsolete the incorrect SSN/FEIN in the Child Care Tracking System (CCTS), so future certificates and payments are not issued. In addition, note the correct SSN/FEIN on the F12 screen.
    2. Fax the W-9 form to BCCD, Springfield at 217/557-4717.
    3. Monitor the SAMS VEN2 screen to be updated.
    4. After the SAMS VEN2 screen indicates that the new SSN/FEIN is certified and the spelling of the name of the provider is accurate, activate the provider on PF12.
    5. Issue any pending certificates and/or payments.
  2. Address and/or Zip Code Change
    If a provider reports that their mailing address has or will change, the provider must document the address change in writing. If the provider is license-exempt, the written notification must be signed by the provider and the parent.
    After the written notification of an address and/or zip code change is received,
    1. Update the CCTS Provider List Screen (PF12), according to the instructions provided in the Key In Manual.
    2. Update the information on the CCTS Approval Screen (PF10).
    3. If the provider is licensed, obtain current licensing information.
    4. If the provider is license exempt, keep a copy of the written notification in the client's case record and/or the provider's file.
  3. Name Change
    If a provider reports a name change, the new name must be certified by the Comptroller before any payments can be issued. CCR&R staff should follow the procedures listed below to process a name change or to add, change, or delete a DBA name:
    1. Issue the provider a new W-9 form.
    2. After the provider returns the completed W-9 form, CCR&R staff should review the W-9 form to ensure the form is legible and filled out completely.
    3. Mail the original W-9 form to the Office of the Comptroller. (Refer to 05.02.01)
    4. Monitor the SAMS VEN2 screen for certification.
    5. After the SAMS VEN2 screen indicates the new name is certified and it does not contain a typographical error, update the old information in the CCTS to match the SAMS VEN2 screen exactly
    6. If the provider's name changed because he or she got married, issue CANTS forms for each new family member living in the household age 13 and over in accordance with 05.03.01.
  4. Additional Address/DBA
    If a provider has more than one location (i.e. KinderCare Learning Centers), multiple programs (YWCA--after school, summer camp, and child care program), or uses a secondary name (i.e. Jane Doe, DBA Jane's Day Care), CCR&R staff must complete the Additional Address/DBA form and fax it to BCCD Springfield at 217/785-9334.
    BCCD staff will:
    • update the provider database in the CCTS and CARS,
    • notify the CCR&R that the information has been updated or new information has been added, and
    • notify the CCR&R of the correct address indicator for each location.