Effective Date:  01/01/00
Reference: 89 Ill. Adm. Code, Chapter IV, §50.110;
Cross Reference: 02.03.01 - Redetermination

Policy Statement:

Parents may choose their child care arrangements, but payments will be subject to all appropriate rules.


These procedures are only applicable to active cases in the Certificate Program.


If a parent moves from one Service Delivery Area (SDA) to another, transfer the case to the new SDA. Staff in the new SDA must notify the parent that his/her eligibility needs to be redetermined.

  1. Staff in the original SDA will:
    1. Forward the client's case record to the new SDA;
    2. Enter a case note in the CCTS where the case record was sent and the date it was mailed; and
    3. Follow the instructions in the Key In Manual to transfer the case and close out the current provider, if necessary, in the Child Care Tracking System (CCTS).
  2. Staff in the new SDA will:
    1. Contact the parent and inform the parent that his/her eligibility must be redetermined;
    2. Use the most recent TANF case number, if it has changed. Do not use the case number from the county the client moved from. Establish a 'Z' case with the new county code, if necessary; and
    3. Mail one or more of the following forms to the parent within ten (10) business days of receiving the file:
      • Request for Redetermination form (Form 3455E)
      • Request for Child Care Provider Change form
      • Affordable Child Care pamphlet