Effective Date: 10/01/01

Revised 02/25/13

Reference: 89 Ill. Adm. Code, Chapter IV, §50.230

Policy Statement:

Payment for child care services to eligible parents may begin:

  1. if care was provided at the time and all eligibility factors are met on either;
    1. the date of the parent's signature; or
    2. one week (seven calendar days) prior to the stamped date of receipt by the Department or its agents, whichever is later;
  2. on the date the child care provider actually begins providing child care services, if the application is received in advance of services being provided and all eligibility factors are met.


  1. Establishing Eligibility
    1. Site Administered Providers and CCR&R staff must date stamp the child care application upon receipt.
    2. If care is currently being provided:
      1. Compare the signature date to the seventh calendar day prior to the date stamp.
      2. Begin eligibility on whichever day (either the signature date or the seventh calendar day prior to the date stamp date) results in the least amount of days being backdated.
    3. If care will be provided in the future, begin eligibility on the first eligible day that care will be provided. The Child Care Application and income documentation must not be older than 30 days.
      • EXAMPLE 1: Applicant places child care application in the CCR&R drop box on Saturday, 9/1/01. CCR&R staff receive and date stamp the application on 9/4/01. The application was signed by the parent on 8/15/01. Eligibility may begin 8/28/01 if care was provided on that date.
      • EXAMPLE 2: Applicant completes, signs, and mails application on 9/5/01. CCR&R receives and date stamps the application on 9/7/01. Eligibility may begin on 9/5/01 if care was provided on that date.
      • EXAMPLE 3: Applicant completes and signs the application on 9/5/01. Applicant gives the child care application to their IDHS caseworker on 9/6/01. The IDHS caseworker faxes the application to the CCR&R on 9/7/01. Eligibility may begin on 9/5/01 if care was provided on that date. It should be noted that the CCR&R 10 day processing time begins when received at the CCR&R.
    4. Site Administered Providers
      1. The Application Data Entry Form (DEF) must be emailed to Springfield Child Care and Development at dhs.ccelig@illinois.gov within 10 business days of receipt.
      2. If the application is received later, eligibility will begin no more than 10 calendar days prior to the date the DEF is received at DHS.CCELIG@illinois.gov.
    5. CCR&R Staff
      1. If the CCR&R requests additional information from the applicant, the effective date of eligibility still begins on the date determined by the above criteria.
      2. If the applicant does not respond to the Request for Additional Information within 10 business days, the case must be denied.
      3. If the applicant submits the requested information later than 10 business days but within 30 days from the date on the Request for Additional Information, process the original application that was completed and submitted by the parent. The eligibility date is based on the above criteria.
      4. If the client submits the requested information after 30 days from the first request, the original Child Care Application may be processed. However, a new eligibility date will be established based on the date the additional information is received.
  2. Length of Eligibility
    1. Generally, the maximum length of an eligibility period is six (6) months.
    2. The eligibility period may be less than six months if:
      1. The activity on the RSP is less than six months. The length of the eligibility period must coincide with the length of the activity indicated on the RSP.
      2. The school semester or term is less than six months. The length of the eligibility period must coincide with the length of the educational activity.
      3. The family is in an approved collaboration program. Or,
      4. The client is paid in cash. Obtain an income verification letter from the employer and approve the case for three (3) months. If the client continues to be employed at the same job and continues to be paid in cash at the 3 month redetermination, the case may be reapproved for six (6) months.
  3. Determining Eligible Days
    1. Compare the work schedule listed on the 3455 to the weekly number of hours documented on the pay stubs.
    2. If the days paid do not support the number of days paid, approve according to the schedule provided on the 3455 unless the difference might result in approving additional eligible days.
    3. If the difference would result in additional days, divide hours on pay stubs by the number of days requested per week.  This will determine the average amount of care needed per day.

EXAMPLE:  Parent reports working 8:30am-5pm, M-F. Pay stubs show an average of 30 hours per week.  After deducting a half hour of unpaid time for lunch, the parent reports 8 hours of paid employment per day. Divide 30 hours by 5 days of care requested per week.  This results in 6 hours of work per day, plus travel time.

This calculation would lead to an eligibility determination that will make more families eligible for the number of days they request per week and provide the flexibility needed in the care schedule to meet varying work schedules.