Effective Date: 01/01/00

Reference: 89 Ill. Adm. Code, Chapter IV, §50.230; 45 CFR, Subpart C, §98.20

Policy Statement:

Child care services are restricted to children under age 13 and to children under age 19 who are under court supervision or have physical or mental incapacities as documented by a statement from a local health provider or other health professional. 


For an active child care case, IDHS will pay for child care services during the entire month of the child’s 13th birthday.

CCR&Rs and Site Administered Child Care providers must obtain appropriate documentation in order to approve or continue child care services for a child 13 through 18 years of age. This documentation must be submitted at each redetermination.

Appropriate documentation includes:

  • An original written description of the disability or court decision;
  • The documentation for a physical or mental disability must be signed by a physician, psychiatrist, or other appropriate licensed health care provider and be on letterhead stationery;
  • The documentation for a court decision must be signed by a judge; and
  • All documentation must include:
  1. The name of the child who is disabled or under court supervision;
  2. Information about the disability or court supervision; and
  3. An explanation of how the child is incapable of self care.

CCR&Rs shall maintain the required documentation in the case record.

Site Administered Child Care providers must submit the original required documentation to IDHS along with the Child Care Application (3455) or Request for Redetermination (3455E). Site providers must keep a copy of the documentation in the client’s case record.