Questions and Answers for the Partner Abuse Intervention Program Notice of Funding Opportunity NOFO (PAIP NOFO)

1.  Do grantees have to be pre-registered before sending in an application in response to a Notice of Funding Opportunity?

Yes. Before DHS can accept and review applications, applicants must have completed the pre-registration process.  At the current time, the Internal Controls Questionnaire (ICQ) for FY 19 is not available.  DHS will utilize FY 18 ICQs until the FY 19 ICQ is posted.  If you do not have a FY 18 ICQ in the GATA system, one must be completed before your application can be reviewed.

2.  If my agency has a FY 18 contract for PAIP, is it necessary to apply for FY 19 funding? 

Yes. All FY 19 funding for Partner Abuse Intervention Programs will be issued through this Notice of Funding Opportunity.  The funding is open to currently funded PAIPs as well as DHS approved PAIPs that were not funded during FY 18.

3. The Notice of Funding Opportunity does not address letters of recommendation.  Can applicants provide letters anyway?

Letters of recommendation are not a part of the application packet and would not be shared with reviewers. 

4. I am currently a DHS funded PAIP grantee and have access to CSA.  The NOFO requires a budget, so should I put my proposed FY 19 PAIP budget into CSA?

No.  Budgets should be submitted with the grant application packet on the budget template to, not in CSA.Once the merit-based review process is completed and FY 19 grantees are identified, awardees will be instructed to put their budget in the CSA system.